UX / CRO Audit

Improve user satisfaction, engagement, and conversions with a UX & CRO audit. Identify pain points & opportunities.

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Page-by-Page Review

Improve user satisfaction and engagement. We'll your site's design, navigation, architecture and overall user experience. Our goal is to identify users' pain points and opportunities for improvement where conversions may be held back. For large sites, we look at various types of pages (ie: category page, subcategory page, product or content pages, and home page) as well as overall ease of use, adequate calls-to-action, etc.

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Site Architecture & Usability

Each hosting platform comes with its own idiosyncrasies & quirks. Many times these quirks can get in the way of properly setting up a site's architecture to not only be user-friendly, but also search-engine-friendly. We'll dive into how your site is organized, from top level pages in your navigation to sub-sub-sub categories (if you have them), tags, and filters, making sure each page is easily accessible, and intuitive to use.

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Wireframe Mockups of Suggestions

Once we've identified potential pitfalls throughout your site, we'll create a wireframe mockup of any visually-driven suggestions, and deliver instructions for best practices for other suggestions specific to your web platform so you can begin to gain better engagement rates, higher conversion rates, more revenue, and happier customers. Deliverables include: PDF deck of issues and suggested changes, Video walkthrough if necessary, 1 hour phone call to review, or a pre-recorded video presentation. Optional e-mail support as an add-on while you make changes: $200 per month; hands-on post-audit support for $144 per hour.

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Find the right plan for you

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