Micro Influencer Marketing

Expand into new audiences with a fully managed Micro Influencer campaign. Drive visibility, engagement and ultimately conversions.

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Their Audience --> Your Customers

By collaborating with niche content creators who have a loyal following, you can tap into their authenticity and expertise to promote your brand with credibility and impact. Micro-influencers offer targeted reach, delivering your message to a specific audience segment, fostering genuine connections, and driving meaningful engagement. Their influential word-of-mouth marketing can generate buzz and positive brand sentiment, effectively increasing brand awareness among their engaged followers.

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Scalable, Cost-effective, & Hands-free

Micro-influencers offer cost-effective campaigns that provide a higher return on investment compared to traditional influencer marketing. Micro-influencers provide high-quality content on a more scalable budget, while still delivering impressive results. With their dedicated following, you can achieve higher engagement rates, foster customer loyalty, and drive conversions. Our team handles each campaign from A to Z: from dedicated monthly research, to negotiations, gifting and reporting.

Monthly Cadences

We work on monthly turnaround times, delivering a set number of micro-influencer posts within your allotted budget each month. We monitor engagement, and any conversions that directly happen as a result, as well as overall conversions. Depending on your niche, we will often monitor the search volume of branded keywords as they relate to our influencer campaigns, as well as Google trends.

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