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Build a robust backlink profile that drives tangible results with reputable blogs in your target market.

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Collaborative Keyword + Outreach Strategy

You know your business best! While we have top notch strategies, we always collaborate to ensure we're focusing on the products and pages that will cost effectively move the needle. We'll conduct keyword research, and even make lite suggestions where necessary to encourage best results. Then, we'll make sure we have your brand identity down pat to create outreach documents with language that encourages bloggers and outlets to paint your business in the right light.

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Wheelin' and Dealin'

Our team of link builders follow a strategic approach to ensure the acquisition of high-quality backlinks. We conduct extensive research to identify authoritative websites relevant to your industry. By building relationships and collaborating with trusted sources, we secure backlinks that enhance the authority of your target pages and influence its rankings for your keyword strategy. We put a larger emphasis on the negotiation process to ensure we get what you need for your strategy, but also get it at the best price possible -- all with the added perk of being in front of your target audience.

We focus on quality and best practices so your backlinks serve your site well into the future, despite algorithm updates (and after a decade, this is truly a time-tested strategy that still works).

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The details

We have a set monthly budget that we average out over the length of our engagement. This helps us prioritize optimization for peak seasons with additional links, while pulling back for slow seasons to conserve the budget.

We do fresh research for each client. We only re-engage bloggers after 6 months since our last engagement for you.

We have a very natural and organic process. Bloggers choose their own topics, and write their own content 99.99% of the time. We never dictate anchor text.

Since we have a very organic process, each month we'll report on total keyword growth, organic traffic growth, and organic revenue growth for your site as a whole., and we'll deliver your live links in the same report. We look for total ranked keyword growth, movement for keywords within a target parent category, and organic revenue as our KPIs.

Minimum engagement is 12 months with very favorable opt-out terms.

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