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We're Serious About flexibility
You're a person, not a robot with a never ending battery and nothing else to do. While we take our responsibilities and promises to our clients seriously, most roles can set their hours & schedule to accommodate all the things this life throws at us.  
work to live, not live to work
Work isn't life. Work just gives us the means to live our lives. We're project & deliverability-driven and we pay hourly so you can do your thing without sacrificing other interests. Oh, and "working remote" means "work from wherever."
a healthy environment
We foster a healthy work environment with all of the things above, and by hiring people who fit our team well. We're a fun group and we don't take ourselves too seriously. Our core team happened to be friends first, and colleagues second -- we love welcoming newbies into our circle (and frequent fortnite games).
A studious Approach
The best candidates for our team are open and excited to learn, take on new challenges, and dive in to figure things out from a high level to granular expertise. This gives us an edge for our clients, but also makes for invaluable and highly intertwined relationships in our work environment.

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