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PTI Paint, a family-owned industrial paint and solvent manufacturer that produced military-grade paints for naval and aeronautical applications, needed to create a better mobile experience on their website and become more attractive to the right kinds of buyers for an exit strategy.

They also needed a better way to present product data and safety data sheets across their site.

First things first: site architecture.

PTI's site at the time heavily utilized a database of PDFs and spreadsheets to list their products. Not only was this difficult to update, but it wasn't intuitive for a user and presented both poor UX and little to no opportunity for search engines to index the content.

We migrated PTI to Webflow and categorized the products to create a more user-friendly navigation while prioritizing a mobile experience and intuitive navigation across the site. We utilized Webflow's CMS to manage product data and safety data PDF sheets across all available products, making them available for download within each product listing. Since no e-commerce was involved, we listed each product in the CMS as well, pulled information from the PDS and SDS to create fully optimized product descriptions, and linked the two.

In addition to creating a well organized list of product categories, we also implemented technical optimization strategies in title tags and meta descriptions across the entire site and a mobile-friendly experience with good UX.

Shortly after the site went live, organic search traffic and keyword rankings saw hockey stick growth. In addition, the requests to manually deliver product data sheets and safety data sheets were more manageable with the ability to download the PDFs directly from the (now easy to find) product listing on the site.

With few manufacturing companies putting in the time and effort into a good UX and mobile friendly site, competition was almost non-existent. We hit all time highs for the site across a variety of metrics within 3 months.

Growth continued for 2 years until a successful acquisition of PTI Paint took place.