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SEO: Direct To Consumer, Ecommerce Fine Jewelry

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In 2019 Aurate New York (a fine jewelry brand) set out on plans to rebrand their site. The goal was to capture a more modern audience and set themselves apart from other jewelry brands. Redesigning the site also afforded opportunities for a better UX and more organic keyword opportunities.

In addition to expanding the site for new organic search opportunities, preservation of their existing keywords, rankings, and organic traffic was key to a successful brand transition.

What Was Done?

  • Site Architecture Strategy
  • Redirect Strategy
  • UX Consulting
  • Optimized Technical SEO Elements
  • Optimized Product Descriptions
  • Created A Website Environment With More Organic Search Opportunities
  • External SEO Strategies

We advised their team to expand the site architecture and site map to capitalize on more high-value ,long-tail keywords. We expanded from a few broad categories to over 28 categories that provided both a better user experience for the shopper, and more keyword opportunities with lower competition. We optimized each category's title tag and meta description, and advised on optimized product descriptions.

We even consulted on a few points of UX to make sure there was as little user friction after the redesign as possible.

Finally, we continued our work with them in external SEO strategies on a larger scale to cover the size of their newly expanded site.

What Happened?

The expansion of their site along with the preservation of their organic search progress led to a large return on investment, significant YoY growth, and additional success in their subsequent funding rounds.

They experienced growth in all major KPIs including organic traffic, organic revenue, organic keywords, and rankings.

118.59% YoY Revenue Growth

1436.02% Return on Investment

November 2018:
8,672 total keywords

November 2019:
21,030 total keywords