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SKIMS, a renowned shapewear and loungewear brand founded by Kim Kardashian West, faced fierce competition in the fashion industry. The challenge was to increase organic search traffic and establish a deeper connection with their audience.

SKIMS launched with a great website and prioritized fostering a community among its customers. They implemented interactive features on their website, including user-generated content galleries, customer reviews, and discussion forums. SKIMS also launched social media campaigns encouraging customers to share photos of themselves wearing SKIMS products using specific hashtags. These actions helped to increase the ROI for our efforts because quality traffic and positive behavior metrics were reinforcing rank-worthiness.

Micro & Macro Influencers:

We employed a back linking strategy with micro influencers that focused on pages that were core to SKIMS' brand. The SKIMS team simultaneously launched with massive celebrity endorsements on Instagram, which functioned as a macro-influencer campaign.

We also consulted on UX to make the shopping experience more intuitive and to showcase more product variants on the category pages. Additionally, some technical work was required in order to ensure that filtered pages were self-referencing canonicals and therefore could rank as standalone pages on Google.

Creating the perfect storm:

These things combined all flooded the site with high quality traffic that supported the targeted work within the back linking strategy. This led to an incredibly successful launch, garnering over $1M in monthly revenue within 5 months.