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Viyet, a high-end designer home goods and furniture auction house, was seeking organic growth to be more appealing to potential investors and buyers.

Even though their site had thousands of SKUs, being an auction house meant their inventory wasn't static nor reliable. Since organic Search often takes months for optimization, we needed to be sure whatever keywords and pages we chose had enough products to justify the expense of optimizing.

Through keyword research, competitor and trend analysis for various designer names, we decided on a strategy that focused on category pages with a consistent volume of inventory, but were still specific enough to target purchase-ready consumers.

We used influential luxury and DIY home design blogs to feed Google's algorithm and "popularity contest" by generating buzz for those specific pages, all while optimizing for hundreds of highly relevant, conversion-worthy long-tail keywords month over month.

Then, Viyet was finally acquired and credited our work as a significant driving factor in being attractive to the right buyers: Sotheby's

We consulted with Viyet through their rebrand to Sotheby's Home and guided them on a new site architecture to open up even more optimization and organic search opportunities.

The company used its organic growth as a factor in attracting new funding.

Our work and strategy were credited as factors leading to their acquisition. We later assisted in the rebranding and SEO enhancements for their new identity under their parent company. We hit some additional milestones along the way:

(Start) May: 37,118 total keywords
(Milestone 1) October of the same year: 75,012 total keywords
(Milestone 2) Feb the following year: 140,972 total keywords 
March: Acquired by Sotheby's

*In some cases, we do not have access to all the data necessary for hard numbers. Conservative estimates are made based on other growth factors where we have access to accurate data.