Technical SEO Audit (Enterprise)

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Technical SEO Audit (Enterprise)
Our Enterprise-Level Technical SEO Audit helps increase your website's organic growth. Crafted for large-scale businesses, we take a deep dive into key revenue driving pages and site-wide technical hurdles to deliver actionable insights for visibility, rankings, and organic revenue.
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The Details

Enterprise-Level Technical SEO Audit

Enhance organic revenue growth for your enterprise with our targeted Enterprise-Level Technical SEO Audit. Tailored for large-scale businesses, our audit provides data-driven insights to optimize your search engine visibility, rankings, and organic revenue.

Our Enterprise-Level Technical SEO Audit Includes:

Site Structure and Architecture Analysis

Strategically analyze your site's structure, URL hierarchy, and internal linking for smooth navigation and efficient search engine crawlability.

Technical Health Assessment

Measure page speed, mobile responsiveness, and performance metrics to improve user satisfaction and conversion potential.

Indexation and Crawlability

Review Identify crawl issues,  duplicate content, redirects, and robot.txt directives to improve visibility for revenue-driving pages.

Keyword Strategy Alignment

Ensure your keyword strategy is feasible and is a clear path to revenue. With a focus on key product lines, services, and regions to target revenue-generating keywords, we'll take a deeper dive to make sure they align with your keyword strategy and goals.

On-Page Optimization Assessment

Refine title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and content precision. Increase relevancy and engagement for a greater share of revenue-generating clicks.

Technical Issue Identification and Recommendations

Uncover revenue barriers like broken links, 404 errors., non-self-referencing canonicals, pagination issues, and more. Receive strategic advice to mitigate issues and drive potential revenue growth through indexability.

Backlink Profile Analysis

Analyze backlink quality and potential issues to establish higher relevance between your pages and your target keywords through authoritative links.

Competitor Analysis

Outperform competitors with competitor insights. Find out what they're doing right, that you're not.

Content Strategy Evaluation

Assess content effectiveness and bridge gaps to ensure your content strategy aligns with revenue-generating intent and search trends.

Global SEO Considerations

Strategically conquer global markets with optimized international SEO. Harness revenue opportunities across borders through localized strategies.

Actionable Recommendations

Receive a comprehensive report with findings and actionable recommendations to steer your enterprise toward increased organic revenue and growth.

*Pairs well with our UX/CRO Audit.
**Customized Pricing Available.

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