Technical SEO Assessment (Medium)

A comprehensive Technical SEO Audit for e-commerce businesses with roughly 100-1000 skus or SaaS companies' sites with roughly 100-1000 pages. This service is a deep dive into anything technical that could hold your site back from organic rankings. Ranging from a suggested keyword strategy for key revenue-driving pages, to 404's and a site architecture overview.
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The Details

Better Insights for Higher Rankings: Tailored specifically for e-commerce businesses housing approximately 100 to 1000 SKUs, or SaaS companies managing roughly 100 to 1000 pages, our Technical SEO Audit offers a focused approach to refining your online presence.

Our Technical SEO Audit delves into the various back-end aspects that may affect your site's organic rankings. We provide an extensive review, identifying various issues and their underlying causes. Our emphasis is on providing practical advice and clear instructions to help you mitigate these problems, enhancing your site's ability to rank for keywords that will drive revenue.

strategic keyword insights

We analyze your site as a whole, but also take a deep dive into key revenue-driving pages and provide recommendations for a keyword strategy that targets potential customers in each part of your sales funnel where your site is suited to convert.

site architecture overview

Ensuring you have pages that are highly relevant to your target keywords in a way that makes sense to both your users and search engines is the crux for success in organic search. Our audit reviews your site's architecture so it has the ranking ability for revenue driving keywords and can capture your customers at pivotal moments in their *conversion journey. If reorganization is beneficial, we offer expert guidance to optimizing your site architecture in a way that's easy to use, and easy to manage.
*This pairs well with our UX & CRO audit

identifying 404 errors and beyond

Identify and mitigate 404 errors, alt tag issues, low page text, redirect failures and more. Sometimes these issues are invisible to the naked eye, but search engines rely on these technical elements to understand your site's pages and elements. Broken links and technical errors can often limit your organic rankings and undermine organic revenue.

in-depth seo health report

Our comprehensive SEO Health Report provides a detailed analysis of your website's technical condition. It contains many of the issues in the section above, but goes above and beyond to include potential hazzards that may or may not be an issue, as well as canonical issues, orphan pages and more. This is also a quantifiable baseline you can use to ensure the changes you're making from this audit are making a positive impact in the eyes of an algorithm.


Our team of SEO experts brings industry insights and experience to your table. We understand the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses and SaaS companies with mid-sized digital footprints. By identifying technical barriers affecting your business's organic success, we equip your company with the tools to enhance its website's search engine rankings.

Don't let technical obstacles hold back your business. Let's empower your team with practical insights that drive tangible improvements.

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$ 3,500 USD
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to work with you?
We do monthly & hourly pricing, so each engagement is custom and largely depends on the size of your site, as well as your goals. Engagements range from $1500 - $20,000 per month, with mid-market business averages between $2,500 - 7,000 per month.
What does your process look like?
For full service or on-going engagements, we have a very collaborative & open process in the first 3-4 months of working together. This is to ensure we're on the same page as far as next steps, milestones, and goals are concerned.

After that, our team can typically sprint to polish off projects or obtain organic search results. You'll always be involved, but we try our best not to add to your workload. We also have monthly calls to touch base on KPIs and the objectives for the months moving forward.

For Audits & Assessments, our first week or two we'll likely connect about your current data, goals or to gain access to relevant analytics platforms. After that, we're heads down in the work. Unless we find something that needs urgent attention, you'll likely hear from us once your audit is complete and your 45m - 1hr review can be scheduled.
Can we purchase a bucket of hours?
Yep! We're slowly phasing this out as a core offering, but we understand that some DIYers and SEO teams just need an occasional extra pair of hands, or someone to give guidance. Our minimum is $750 which gets roughly 3 hours, depending on how they're used.
What does your backlinking process look like?
We offer backlinking as an a la carte service, or a service within our Full Service SEO packages (as long as it makes sense for your business & goals). While we have a rapport built up with a laundry list of micro-influencer blogs, we do custom research, outreach, and negotiations for all of our clients, so we don't run the risk of PBNs.

For D2C or Retail brands, we typically can gift product rather than paying bloggers, but occasionally compensation is necessary and will fall outside of our agency fees.  We'll always set a budget with you first so there aren't any surprises at the end of the month.

Most link building engagements start at $1500 per month, with a minimum of $500 in pre-approved blogger spend.